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We Speak Photonics

As photonics-based technologies begin to fulfill their promise across markets, Avo works with a global client base to design, develop and manufacture optoelectronic solutions and products.

When market leaders and rising stars in aerospace, communications, industry, medicine, the military, technology, and transportation seek a contract manufacturer to become a private partner in their quest to launch photonics-imbedded innovations across applications, they choose Avo.

That’s because We Speak Photonics. We possess the tools, facilities and engineering power to take raw ideas and quickly turn them into something commercially viable. We consistently innovate designs that we then manufacture into rugged, reliable products. At each step in our process, you get a continuity of scientific oversight that dramatically improves stability, repeatability and quality.


We’re also deeply engaged partners focused on your success – whether that’s getting to a launch or scaling your output. We design with creativity. We engineer with precision and elegance. We diligently prototype. Our US-based manufacturing can grow with your requirements.

Based in Philadelphia, we were founded in 2003 and quickly became the photonics industry’s trusted source for private-label design, development and manufacturing. Working within markets that demanded strict confidentiality, we held a strict policy that any knowledge and any patent-eligible intellectual assets we created became the sole property of our clients. We continue to maintain this rigorously.

Our headquarters campus includes a 41,000 square-foot clean room manufacturing facility, with future plans in the works to move into a 130,000 ft² building. We hold ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

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