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Our Process

Your trust comes from our transparency.

We speak photonics, from Design to Manufacturing. We have the tools, facilities, and engineering power to take raw ideas and quickly turn them into commercially viable products. At each step in our process, you get a continuity of scientific oversight that dramatically improves stability, repeatability, and quality.

We are engaged partners focused on your success. We design with creativity. We engineer with precision and elegance. We diligently prototype. We scale our US-based manufacturing to grow with your requirements. 


What's a typical engagement?

The following steps are often encountered, but are not all required:

Once technical details are shared, a very detailed quote and schedule are presented by Avo. Upon PO award, weekly technical meetings are established where ALL activities are presented (customer owns IP, so we share everything). When both teams agree design is completed, prototypes are produced and tested. Refinements are made and volume production units demonstrated.

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