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Optical Design

At Avo, everything begins with the optical design.

Through a deep understanding of optical physics, integrating many years of photonic experience, and utilizing physical optic beam propagation software, we innovate and create exciting solutions for you. In our software, we track the amplitude and phase of the electro-magnetic field as it propagates through all the relevant optical components. In this way, even the most subtle effects are captured and addressed right at the beginning.

A photon is a terrible thing to waste.

Whether it is high-efficiency coupling, super-resolution imaging, mega-watt lasers, deep UV sources, or photon counting, we have the experience to create the ideal optical design. We'll share the science, engineering, and practical business decisions with you and jointly finalize the concept.

Design Tools

  • ASAP

  • GLAD

  • Zemax

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design performs the balancing act of obeying all the strict alignments and tolerances derived through the optical design while minimizing the requirements on the manufacturing processes. In addition, the whole assembly must support the performance criteria over extreme operating temperatures, humidity, vibration, mechanical shock, pressure, and radiation.


Through a deep knowledge and experience creating opto-mechanical solutions, Avo's engineers design ingenious configurations that robustly support the system needs while minimizing the material and assembly labor costs.

Design Tools

  • SolidWorks

  • ProE

Thermal Design

The battle is almost always thermal. The optical design may be elegant but require 1 micron alignment, the mechanical design may enable the alignability, but without careful balance of materials and heat management, the stability may be destroyed by exposure to extreme temperature swings.

...and Stability

Avo's scientists and engineers factor all the contributions of conduction, convection, and radiation along with material specifications, interfaces, and prices, to minimize the impact on the assembled unit. With experience designing and producing opto-electronic products utilized in spaceborne, airborne, industrial, automotive, and down-hole environments, we have the knowledge to minimize the assembly's sensitivity.

Design Tools

  • SolidWorks


It's not Magic, it's Science and Engineering.

We work meticulously, thoroughly, and diligently to get it right the first time. This saves our customers time and money and delivers repeatable products with the highest performance and quality possible.

...and You Own the Intellectual Property!

Avo provides all the fundamental science and engineering design services needed to yield top-performing photonic products. Our strength is designing for cost-effective production. With the goal of getting it right the first time, we place great emphasis on the optical physics understanding and design. From the derived optical requirements, all the other engineering parameters are bounded. In addition, we carefully factor your challenging environmental exposures into the design and material selection.

We can't break the laws of physics...but we'll manage them to meet your needs.

Key Activities

  • Capture specifications

  • Derive optical configuration and tolerances

  • Design precision mechanical structure

  • Define electrical functions and interfaces

  • Analyze thermal performance

  • Manage and minimize material and production costs

  • Maintain schedule

  • Provide overall Program Management / System Engineering


...With full transparency, since you own the IP!

  • Weekly Technical Status Reviews

  • Detailed Designs, Models, and Analyses

  • Material and Manufacturing Prices at Various Volumes

  • Structured Systems Requirements, Preliminary Design, and Critical Design Reviews

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