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Avo Photonics offers a precision-honed team and facility that has demonstrated its ability to innovate and manufacture opto-electronic products.

  • We have the skills. Avo's unique combination of photonic specialists brings together high-power, ruggedization experience with quality volume production skills.

  • We don't compete with you. Avo does not have its own products and therefore does not compete with its customers nor get defocused.

  • You own the IP. It's that simple. You pay for it - you own it.

  • We are on your Team. Avo integrates closely through the development and manufacturing processes to enable success.  Our customers feel that Avo is an extension of their own internal Team.

  • We re-earn your business every day. In most cases, the Customer can stop working with Avo at any time. The Customer's only commitment is payment for work completed and materials procured per your request. Therefore, we must constantly demonstrate value by delivering innovative, quality work products on time and at the right price.

The Avo Value Proposition

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