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Avo Photonics has an entrepreneurial, results-driven culture focused on developing tomorrow’s photonics today.

We seek people with the following qualities. Is this you?






Results Driven: You get the job done right. On time. In budget. In scope.
Entrepreneurial: You take ownership and drive projects in visionary ways.
Precise: You produce work that is meticulous, of exacting quality, and flawless.
Authentic and Relational: You are open, accessible and real. Emotionally intelligent and able to read, analyze and respond to your clients and teammates with care and wisdom.
Collaborative: You team with your peers and clients in ways that bring out the best in everyone. You enjoy being communicative with your clients to build relationships and grow engagements.
Creative: You bring originality and artistry to your work; striving for simplicity and elegance.
Ready for Adventure: Every client. Every day. Every stage of a project. You lean into it. Seize it.
Embodying Greatness: You’re great! You thrive on knowing that you will be at one of the most creative and innovative firms in photonics. You convey a humble swagger and you deliver on its promise.

If so, please explore the following open positions:

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