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Engaging with Avo

We accelerate your ability to create, deliver and win!

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Our Value

Find out about Avo's unique value proposition for its customers.

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Our Expertise

Explore some of the solutions that Avo has brought from photonics Design through Manufacturing.

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Our Process

See how we work with you from Concept to volume Production.

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Our Facilities

See where we will be Developing and Manufacturing your products.

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Our Certifications

Our audited systems will provide the additional confidence that you will win!

You can engage with Avo at the beginning, middle, or end of a product realization. You might be in the idealization phase. You might have run up against challenges in production. You tell us. We Speak Photonics.

Then we ask a series of questions that align us with your objectives and technical challenges. We get to work and with diligence, partnership, and agility, we get the job done creatively, correctly, and quickly - so you win!

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