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Avo’s Commitment

At Avo Photonics, we value quality, precision, efficiency, confidentiality, and most importantly, always doing the right thing. This applies to our environmental impact as well. In particular, we believe it’s important to mitigate our energy-intensive processes and minimize our unrecoverable waste. 


We are committed to continuously identifying opportunities to improve our impact on the environment, as well as the impact on the people with whom we do business. We expect the greatest possible efforts made toward sustainability within our own operations and those of our suppliers. We strive to enable and encourage sustainable lifestyles for our staff and community.  


Below are some specific examples of our initiatives:

  • All waste must be sorted into the recoverable waste streams of Curbside Recycling, Compost, Scrap Metal, Hazardous Liquid Waste, and Batteries.

  • Use of outgoing virgin single-use plastic or otherwise unsustainable packaging material is reduced or avoided through means of reusing incoming packaging materials whenever possible.

  • Avo does not offer disposable single-use plastic for employee or guest use in the form of beverages, snacks, or meals (e.g. cups, plates, utensils, water-bottles).

  • Avo takes advantage of reasonable opportunities to switch and opt for energy efficient devices, equipment, and processes.

  • Avo takes steps to ensure all electricity consumed is generated by 100% renewable energy sources.

  • For any chemicals required in Avo’s routine operations, the substances with the lowest impact to the environment and employee health are sought.

  • Avo prioritizes working with vendors and customers with like-minded commitments to sustainability.


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