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We specialize in scalable, US-based, opto-electronic component and system manufacturing. We will manage all materials and utilize automated equipment and/or cost-effective labor. Controlled by ISO-certified quality systems, stable and repeatable photonic products are created at customer-defined volumes.

Whether it is producing low or high volume products Designed and Developed by Avo or going straight to build-to-print manufacturing utilizing customer-provided specifications, let us show you how we can consistently meet your specifications with the timely delivery of quality products at competitive prices.

Key Activities

  • Finalizing and Freezing Design, Materials, and Assembly Processes

  • Training of Various Skilled Workers

  • Securing Multiple Sources of Qualified Materials

  • Locking Programming of Automated Production and Test Equipment

  • Dedicating Material Inventory Locations

  • Creating All Quality Documents

  • Qualifying Assembly Processes

  • Initiating Manufacturing Ramp Plan


  • High-Yield Products meeting Specifications

  • Certificate of Conformance and Serialized Test Data

  • Inventory Status

  • Trend Charts

Component Sourcing

We have extensive relationships with our group of qualified vendors and can usually source the best materials at the best price. However, we are happy to work with your chosen vendors as well. Or we can do both.  Your choice.


Avo is happy to have only a manufacturing role.  If your design is complete and you are either looking for a US manufacturer to be a second source or you are not happy with your current manufacturer and want to consider Avo, please talk to us. We can evaluate your current designs for manufacturability or simply dive in and start manufacturing.

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