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Avo Photonics Expands Automated Equipment and Adds Personnel to Meet Growing Demand

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Avo Photonics, a leading provider of opto-electronic product design, development, and manufacturing services, announced today that they have commissioned a major investment in automated equipment for photonic component and system production. The added automated infrastructure includes die bonders, wire bonders, laser welders, multi-fiber polishing, precision micro-optic alignment stages, and other equipment that increases Avo’s capacity and capability.

Dr. Joseph Dallas, President of Avo Photonics, commented: “We are seeing unprecedented growth in the need for custom photonics from all sectors, and particularly from the health care and communications markets. To meet the need for increased capacity we are investing significantly in both automated and manual production, which gives us the broadest range of options to meet our customers’ quantity and cost goals.”

In addition to the automated equipment Avo has more than doubled its production personnel in the last year. “As our volumes increase and we expand into new markets we are growing our team and cross-training personnel for new tool sets and processes.”

About Avo Photonics

Avo is the photonics industry’s trusted source for exclusive, private label photonics design, development, and manufacturing. It produces confidential, client-owned optoelectronic solutions and products for military, aerospace, medical, communications and industrial application. Headquartered in greater Philadelphia with offices in Canada and European distribution, Avo was founded and still guided by laser physicists and engineers who blend critical, photonics-based disciplines into a single source for the conceptualizing, design, testing and producing of precision, rugged, optoelectronic components and assemblies. When the industry thinks Avo, they think Light. Precisely. Avo works with market leaders that demand strict confidentiality and advanced technology that address their rapidly evolving photonics needs.

For more information, email, visit or call 215.441.0107.


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