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Avo Photonics Wins Again!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

For the third time in six years, Avo Photonics was recognized by its parent organization (Halma, plc) as its “Company of the Year”. The first two times (2016 & 2020), these awards covered the entire 48 companies held by Halma (HLMA London). The award granted this year was for its Medical and Environmental & Analysis Sector consisting of 28 companies.

“Halma is listed within the FTSE 50 and is constantly recognized for its clear purpose, strong culture and exceptional financial performance. We just announced that Halma has realized record profit for the 18th consecutive year. Avo achieving the position of one of our top performing companies is a tremendous accomplishment. Doing it multiple times is really impressive,” said Dr. Tim Prestidge, Halma Divisional Chief Executive.

According to Dr. Joseph Dallas, Founder and President of Avo Photonics, “This month marks our 10th anniversary being a part of the Halma family of companies. Our current Board of Directors all were at Avo prior to the acquisition by Halma. The fact that we are all still here, enjoying our growth, customers, and each other, is testimony to Halma’s unique business model. Accountability is retained at the company level thereby promoting the original feelings of ownership, drive, diligence, and performance.”

Avo Photonics accelerates its customers’ ability to efficiently develop and sell photonic products. By enabling rapid time-to-market, maintaining strict confidentiality, and providing one-stop shopping from design through volume manufacturing, it makes its customers successful, profitable, and reputable. Headquartered near Philadelphia, Avo was founded and is still guided by laser physicists and engineers who blend critical, photonics-based disciplines into a single source for the conceptualizing, design, testing and volume manufacturing of precision, rugged, opto-electronic components and systems. For more information, please visit

Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies. Named Britain's Most Admired Company in 2020, it provides innovative solutions to many of the key problems facing the world today. Its purpose is to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day. This purpose drives every business decision it makes, and ensures everyone who works with Halma is focused on doing those things that make it happen. The three broad market areas where they operate include: Safety: protecting life as populations grow and urbanise, and protecting worker safety; Environment: improving food and water quality, and monitoring air pollution; Health: meeting rising healthcare demand as growing populations age and lifestyles change. For more information, please visit

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