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Avo Photonics Expands Clean Room Production Facility

Avo Photonics, specialists in opto-electrionic system design, packaging and manufacturing, is pleased to announce a 7,000 square foot addition to their clean room production facility. Furthermore, Avo has increased its corporate engineering facilities by 3,000 square feet and is actively filling new positions—a true accomplishment in today’s economy.

Jeff Harris, Production Manager at Avo Photonics, comments; “We are extremely excited to have expanded our manufacturing facilities. The addition was required as result of an increase in existing customer’s opto-electronic production demands and a significant accrual of customers whose Avo generated prototypes are moving to volume production.” He continues, “We are proud to uphold our service to customers with unbeatable quality and assistance.”

The new space will support the continued streamlining of current manufacturing processes, increase flexibility, and assist in high-volume production. “In order to support our tremendous progress in the military and medical industries, the expansion was absolutely necessary and critical to Avo’s continued growth and success,” comments Dr. Jeff Perkins, Avo’s VP of Operations. He adds; “Given our ISO and ITAR managed operations as well as strict intellectual property control procedures, an increasing number of clients are utilizing Avo’s U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities.”

Avo Photonics provides custom design and contract manufacturing services to customers in the military, aerospace, medical, communications, and commercial markets. Its unique pure service model assures Avo is focused on its customer's products. From fundamental optical physics analysis, through mechanical, electrical, thermal, and materials design for packaging/manufacturing, into crafted prototypes and high volume production, Avo Photonics is a one-stop shop for photonic packaging services.

For a complete overview of Avo Photonics’ service offerings, visit or call 215-441-0107.


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