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Avo Photonics, Inc. Celebrates 5 Years of Outstanding Opto-Electronic Manufacturing and Services

Avo Photonics was founded November, 2003 by Dr. Joseph Dallas and Mr. David Winick as an advanced custom opto-electronic design and contract manufacturing house serving customers in the military, aerospace, medical, and telecommunications markets. Upon inception, Avo has always strives to bring optical and RF design expertise to customers needing rapid turnaround and design to production capability.

Over the years, Avo increased support in each of its key market segments: military, medical, communications, and industrial. The personnel hired, the facility expansions, and the capital equipment investments have all contributed to Avo's outstanding reputation. Whether it be common telecom components which are currently manufactured at 1,000 per day, complex test and sensor modules at 50 per day, or air/spaceborne high-power laser components at 1 per day, Avo Photonics has demonstrated the skills and tools to meet customer needs. To date, Avo has produced nearly one million optical assemblies and has a portfolio in excess of 20 active customers.

“We are thankful to our Customers who have entrusted to us the critical responsibility to design and manufacture their products,” said Dr. Dallas, President. “We are often kidded for stating at many customer kick-off meetings ‘a photon is a terrible thing to waste'. We really mean it. We make every effort, from the opto-mechanical analysis, through material selection, and during sub-micron alignment manufacturing, to respect our customers' need for delivering an efficient, low-cost product.” This same philosophy is followed at Avo Photonics, no matter if the customer is putting a laser in space or in low-cost commercial products.

Today Avo has two facilities, its original headquarters in Pennsylvania and a division in Toronto, Canada. Avo has also begun interactions with a high-volume sister investor company in Juarez, Mexico. The company financially broke-even in 2006, and has since been profitable every month. “During the current economic environment, more companies are recognizing that costs can be controlled and kept variable through outsourcing. Avo Photonics has the unique skills, manpower, and equipment required to advance opto-electronic customers' products thereby minimizing expenses,” said Neal Stoker, VP Sales and Marketing. “Since Avo makes every effort to become integrated and march-step with its customers, we truly become an extension of their company.” Avo continues to hire at all levels and is looking forward to the next five years of excellent customer support resulting in customer success.

Avo Photonics provides custom design and contract manufacturing services to customers in the military/aerospace, medical, communications, and commercial markets. Its unique pure service model assures Avo is focused on its Customer’s products. From fundamental optical physics analysis, through optical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, materials, and system design for packaging/manufacturing, into crafted Prototypes, and finally high volume Production, Avo Photonics is a one-stop shop for photonic packaging services.

For a complete overview of Avo Photonics’ service offerings, visit or call 215-441-0107.


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