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Avo Photonics Offers Complete Array of Laser Packaging Services

Avo Photonics, specialists in optical and RF packaging solutions, now offers laser assembly services ranging from package design to volume manufacturing. Avo has particular expertise in laser assembly for high-frequency RF designs, meeting even the demanding requirements of applications such as modulated lasers and other optical devices common in many military, telecommunications, medical and industrial applications. Package design, prototype development and volume manufacturing are available for standard packages, as well as custom assemblies, including those that have constrained signal requirements.

“Our engineers have decades of combined optical and RF design and assembly experience,” said Dr. Joseph Dallas, COO of Avo Photonics. “With a broad range of engineering talent backed by a complete suite of modeling tools, we provide our customers with the design that is best suited for each individual product and market. Add to that a broad array of manufacturing processes utilizing the most advanced equipment available today, and we can add significant value at any or all points in a laser packaging process.”

In addition to laser submount assemblies with optical components on a bench, Avo also offers standard subassemblies, such as laser diode attached to submounts for attachment to either butterfly packages or onto the pedestal of TO headers. Capabilities include controllable laser rotation and XY positioning to meet today and tomorrow’s most demanding requirements. Avo’s assembly process also includes an industry-leading thermal ramp control during assembly, ensuring minimum voids and an accurate, reproducible bond line thickness. A wide range of solders are also available, including lead-free options.

In addition to volume assembly services, Avo offers design and prototype services that include silicon-bench lens mounting specifically focused on successful transition to automated assembly of the final package. Avo is also capable of designing for devices with or without active and passive electronic components, successfully integrating the electronics with the optical design. Typical designs employ off-the-shelf components procured by Avo and/or customer-supplied parts.

Avo provides complimentary initial technical consultation and proposals for its laser, lens and other packaging services in as little as 24 hours.

Avo’s complete suite of modeling tools includes electrical/RF, optical, thermal and mechanical analysis, ensuring that products are ready for immediate prototyping and low-volume production, as well as the ability to flow to high-volume production without having to retool or requalify the design. Manufacturing processes include: laser welding, die bonding, flip chip, wire bonding, seam sealing and optical fiber attach. Avo also provides failure analysis, and supply chain management. Avo’s philosophy is to provide the customer with the design that is best suited for their product and their market, whether it is a custom or standard package.

Founded in 2004, Avo Photonics specializes in design and manufacturing solutions for photonic and microelectronic packaging, assembly, and test for the communications, military/aerospace, and medical/ industrial markets. Avo’s mission is to develop cost-effective manufacturing solutions for customers while providing support from design to production for products in all markets.

For a complete overview of Avo Photonics’ service offerings, visit or call 215-441-0107.


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