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Avo Photonics Recognized as NASA Spin-Off Success

Avo Photonics, specialists in optical and RF packaging solutions, has been featured in the latest annual publication from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), NASA Spin-Off.

The article titled “The Space Laser Business Model” recognizes Avo Photonics as a company that has the experience, capabilities, resources and systems in place to be a leading technology partner for any organization fulfilling contracts for NASA, the Department of Defense, or others in the military and aerospace industry. The feature article also notes that “Avo Photonics is unique in its combination of high-level engineering support and prototype-to- production facility capabilities. Its customers have a one-stop-shop to see their visions realized.”

"We offer three distinct services: design, prototyping, and production, all for one specific field: photonics,” said Dr. Joseph Dallas president and chief operating officer for Avo Photonics and former deputy-director of NASA’s Space Lidar Technology Center (SLTC). “With the entire shop set up as a closed-loop production facility, we can take a design from conception through full-scale production of hand-crafted, high-tech parts. Furthermore, we are purely a specialty service firm that does not manufacture its own products, which assures that our customers’ intellectual property is never compromised.”

Avo Photonics routinely follows the classic engineering product development milestones: Systems Requirement Review (SRR), Preliminary Design Review (PDR), and Critical Design Review (CDR). These easily-tracked metrics provide a disciplined framework during the creation of designs, engineering models, engineering test units, and flight/ground-based components and systems. High quality product performance, reliability, and cost control are assured. Avo Photonics’ technical team consists of former NASA engineers, as well as engineers experienced in production for federal programs. All Avo Photonics employees are U.S. citizens and its manufacturing facility is located just outside of Philadelphia, less than two hours by car or train from the Washington, D.C. area and major federal technology sites, including the NRL, NASA, NIH, and NSA.

Founded in 2004, Avo Photonics specializes in design and manufacturing solutions for photonic and microelectronic packaging, assembly, and test for the communications, military/aerospace, and medical/ industrial markets. Avo’s mission is to develop cost-effective manufacturing solutions for customers while providing support from design to production for products in all markets.

For a complete overview of Avo Photonics’ service offerings, visit or call 215-441-0107.


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