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Voxtel, Inc., Selects Avo Photonics For Packaging Design, Production, and Environmental Testing Serv

Avo Photonics, the industry’s trusted source for exclusively private-label optoelectronic design, development and manufacturing, today announced that Voxtel, Inc., has leveraged Av o as a preferred provider of packaging and environmental testing services of its new generation of Avalanche Photodiode (APD) component family.

“We turned to Avo specifically because of their private label, collaborative approach and reputation for flexible, high-quality engineering,” said Dr. Andrew Huntington, product engineer, Voxtel, Inc. “As such, Avo has become an extension of our team and serves as an integral partner in unlocking the value for leading edge photonics innovations we produce across markets.”

For Voxtel, Avo provides design services, develops, manufactures, and tests packaged APDs destined for military and commercial deployment. Specifically, Avo:

  • Precision designs and manufactures ruggedized package configurations containing Voxtel’s single and multi-element detectors with optimum free-space or fiber coupling efficiency.

  • Enables low-temperature detector operation down to -60° C through the efficient internal integration of single to multi-stage thermo-electric coolers (TECs).

  • Provides RF engineering design support for interconnects and substrates.

  • Subjects manufactured products through rigorous diagnostics appropriate to end-product performance environments, including vibration, shock and thermo cycle testing.

“Avo’s work with Voxtel underscores our ability to serve as a full-service partner, allowing our customers to focus on innovation, product line extensions and market share growth,” said David Winick, vice president of engineering, Avo Photonics. “The Voxtel partnership exemplifies our dexterity and collaborative approach to realizing solutions.”

About Voxtel, Inc.

Voxtel, Inc. of Beaverton, Ore. is a provider of optoelectronic devices using novel semiconductor architectures and engineered nanostructured materials, and a leading developer of sophisticated detectors and electro-optical imaging systems for a wide range of government, industrial, and scientific markets. Voxtel’s product technologies include near-infrared laser radar (LADAR) receivers, radiation-hardened imagers for space applications, highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes for fiber and free-space telecommunications, and nanotechnology-engineered materials. For more information, visit

About Avo Photonics

Avo is the photonics industry’s trusted source for exclusive, private label photonics design, development, and manufacturing. It produces confidential, client-owned optoelectronic solutions and products for military, aerospace, medical, communications and industrial application. Headquartered in greater Philadelphia with offices in Canada and European distribution, Avo was founded and still guided by laser physicists and engineers who blend critical, photonics-based disciplines into a single source for the conceptualizing, design, testing and producing of precision, rugged, optoelectronic components and assemblies. When the industry thinks Avo, they think Light. Precisely. Avo works with market leaders that demand strict confidentiality and advanced technology that address their rapidly evolving photonics needs.

For a complete overview of Avo Photonics’ service offerings, visit or call 215-441-0107.


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